September News. . .

Hi All,

Just a note to say hello and to share a few things that you may want to know or that you may find useful. As you know, we have started our school year in full force. I'm excited about this year and what I feel our students can achieve. I appreciate your efforts, support, and most of all your confidence. I'm sure that together we will all be successful. You may be interested in knowing that "Benchmark Testing" will be give three times this year. This includes Fall, Winter, and Spring Benchmarks. It is there that we can determine the Reading Level of your child and also monitor their Academic Growth. It is ESSENTIAL that your child reads a minimum of 20 mins. a day. Textbooks,library books, or any magazine that your child finds interesting would be great! Just allow your child to read daily. Better yet, Read with your child. If you need me, You can call and schedule an appointment with our secretary. My planning time is from 2:15 - 2:35 daily. Once again, Thanks for your support.

Mrs. Delhoste​